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We’re A media Marketing & Design agency, sharing our experience and delivering services to THE local markets across Australia, NEW ZEALAND and asia.


 Sussex story began in the spring of 1989 when a young Diana landed in Sydney from Beijing with no contacts, no connections, no relatives or friends in Australia. A year later she made what many have considered a bold move – start up a marketing agency called Sussex News Advertising which later renamed to Sussex Media and in 2015 re-branded to Sussex Australasia.

It was not an easy journey as Diana had more than her fair-share of challenges. As a petite woman with cultural and language barriers in the cut-throat media and advertising industry – she, and the team she built had to work 10 times harder, faster and better than others to survive and grow. Through hard work, commitment and dedication, Sussex has gained credibility and integrity. But more importantly, Sussex has gained a reputation of delivering a high standard level of services and quality, no matter what the challenges is thrown in the way. 


Sussex Australasia still embodied the idea of hard work, care and a passion to go above and beyond for our clients success that has been installed into Sussex since 1989. Sussex has worked with a strong complement of Australian and Asian companies. With our ever growing level of international expertise and IP, we have created two foci:

AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND: Focused on building brands in the local market. Combining potent strategy, media, creative and production capabilities to grow brands.

ASIA: Focused on creating a communication bridge with Asia. Connecting Australian companies with the right tools and strategy to gain brand equity in the Asian market. Connecting Asian companies with the right tools and strategy to gain equity in the Australian market.

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