About us

Passion and an entrepreneurial spirit. We’re all about it.

When a business says it’s entrepreneurial and passionate, you’d hope they can back that up with a remarkable story. Sussex Media can. In 1989, Diana Dong arrived in Sydney from Beijing, with no friends, relatives or connections. She was, however, an entrepreneur at heart, remarkably resourceful and unafraid of a bold move or two. Within a year, she’d started Sussex Media, an independent full-service agency, deepening her understanding of both the local and Chinese markets. Sussex soon built a reputation for credibility and integrity. When Sussex was in its early years, Diana differentiated herself by always going the extra mile and building an unswerving service-oriented approach.

Over the years, Diana has carefully assembled an inspired team of like-minded professionals who live and breathe the same values of passion and partnership with every client, from start-ups to global brands. Sussex Media have carved out a unique niche in the marketplace, providing robust, thoughtful and scalable solutions in both new and emerging markets. 


Conquering the next frontier 

With the opening of the China market, many businesses (local, global, small or large) are yearning for their share of this massive pie. The rise of eCommerce giants like Alibaba, Tmall, YiHaoDian and Kaola, has allowed a vast distribution infrastructure to emerge. This has given highly valued Australian and New Zealand brands an opportunity to enter this market (particularly where food integrity and other crises have forced consumers to seek more options).

So whether you’re a start-up looking for key opinion leaders (KOLs), a mid-sized company looking for e-commerce partnerships or a multinational looking for cultural insights and the right communication platform, Sussex Media can help. We’re proud of our ability to cater to companies of all sizes. 

What’s more, we’re so easy to partner with. In fact, collaboration is something we truly pride ourselves on. We can help any brand get started on their journey, and be with them every step of the way. Outstanding personal service is the only way we work.

Sussex’s services range from media strategy and planning, to brand positioning, content planning, creating powerful digital advertising that connects, through to skilfully navigating Chinese social media, B2B marketing, events and activations.

We’re poised to create a dynamic presence (and make a big difference to the bottom line) for any brand. Are you ready?