The cultural and human forces shaping the kids’ nutrition space in China.

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DSM, a science-based company numbering 23,000 people worldwide and specialising in solutions for Nutrition, Health & Sustainable Living hosted their ‘Bright Kids Conference’ for the ANZ region in September 2019, and Sussex was invited to speak at the conference about the market condition and future trends for kids’ nutrition in China.

While putting together this report we noticed the future trends, which are worth sharing.

General trends and what the future holds for kids nutrition:
Despite the relaxation of the decades-long one-child policy, birth rate hasn’t actually increased as expected. In a recent survey done by based on over 8,000 mothers, 85% of the mothers polled said they couldn’t afford the cost of raising children. Having said that, the kids’ nutrition category has witnesses consistent growth in the last few years (on key e-commerce platforms at least). Premium products with high price tags are selling really well, and the infant solid foods category is also growing.

It seems that kids’ nutrition is not one area where Chinese parents will cut cost on soon, and they will expect to see a more diverse range of innovative products.

What’s in their shopping cart:

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Designing and adapting your next winning product for the China market

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Which sector(s) and products are growing the fastest, how are Chinese and foreign brands faring, and what are Chinese consumers searching for? As a foreign brand, what should you watch out for when designing, adapting and promoting a product in China? 

These were the questions we wanted to deep dive into, when we were approached by ACBC (Australia China Business Council) to give a workshop to their members, as part of their ‘China Business Ready Series’. 

This can be a really a hard topic to get right. How do we provide a thorough analysis on such a broad topic in 60 minutes, and at the same time, make sure everyone could walk away with some practical advice that they can start applying to their own industry right away?

This is what we did. Firstly, we looked at China’s macro e-commerce and cross-border environment to paint a picture of the context in which foreign brands are competing. This is also the context in which Chinese consumers have acquired and evolved their preferences for different products. If you know your buyers and their key motivators, you can create a product that they love. Secondly, we established a ‘framework’ that brand owners can use to create a competitive edge for their product in China. (We also showed how some products have done just that). Lastly, we provided a ‘rule of thumb’- a shortcut- that anyone can use to evaluate if their product is currently in the right space, or if it requires some further tweaking. 

I encourage that you check out the video on this page to find out more. But if you are short of time, here’s your ‘cheat-sheet’. 

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The 5 best tips for marketing your business in China

If you have ever considered expanding your commercial territory to China, you must know how competitive the market is. Boasting a huge consumer base, China is a fast-changing market bursting with endless energy. With the development of different e-commerce platforms in the past decade, it has become more mature, and also more saturated.

Staying ahead of the game requires a good understanding of the market and media trend. Here are 5 trends to look out for whether you are just getting started or need to re-calibrate your strategy for China.
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