2009 Asus Partnership

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In 2001, one of the world's largest PC vendors ASUS, literally 'dropped from the sky' into the Australian market. Their communications team was charged with the mission of making ASUS a household name in 'no time flat'. They engaged Sussex to help them achieve this goal and in now what seems like the 'blink of an eye' we are proud to say, "mission accomplished".

When we first started working with Asus in 2001, the market was already congested with strong brands so ASUS would have an uphill battle to gain prominence. Two years after landing, they zeroed in on Sussex to work with them to achieve their goals! Since then we have worked together seamlessly day & night, week in week out including most weekends and, holidays for almost 8 years to forge an unbreakable union. Our passion and support for ASUS seemed to expand with every working minute till it was difficult to see a division between the ASUS team and ours. In effect it was a true partnership with hardly any boundaries. With every ASUS project we got things done, whatever the hurdle.

By 2009, ASUS was ranked 3rd in the consumer market share where previously it was too small an entity to measure. This was the fruit of a concerted effort by passionate ASUS leaders and their team, combined with a Sussex team that was as equally passionate about ASUS’ brand and its people. We will forever treasure the exciting experience of fighting for new kid in town ASUS, against well-established global brands.


  • Awarded by CRN -The Most Effective Channel Marketing Strategy of the Year in 2007
  • In a Sussex initiative and managed effort, Sky News aired 30 minutes featuring the ASUS CEO Johnny Shih on their Business Success TV program in 2005. Johnny Shih was named the Bill Gates of Asia in the footage, creating tremendous brand interest.
  • From 2005 -2010 Sussex created and managed a series of successful launch events that disrupted the market and made the Asus brand resonate. Former Miss Universe Miss Jennifer Hawkins, Mr Jake Wall, Ms Sandra Sully, Ms Laura Corsac, Miss Lara Bingle. Mr Michael Clarke and Hamish and Andy are some of the known personalities Sussex brought to these events to add to the brands attraction.
  • Sussex created a strong buzz in 2008 when launching ‘Green conscious’, ASUS’s World First Bamboo Notebook. A Green Runway, finalists from the hit show “Make me a super model” and a Sussex event strategy, media and management was the potent combination that made this launch a standout.
  • We worked with the ASUS Marketing team on Media events, product launches, Uni Orientations, Retail Conferences, Partner’s events, Sponsorship events, and Partners’ Incentive Trips. There were NO limits as to what we did, be it in strategy, media, creative or event management. We were shown a goal – we got it done.