2019 Bayer Australia Alibaba Expo

Bayer Australia has always been keeping its finger on the pulse of the e-commerce enabled China opportunity, which is why being part of Australia's biggest annual e-commerce expo is one of the highlights of the year.

The Alibaba E-Commerce Expo is Alibaba Group's flagship event program in Australia and New Zealand connecting local brands and small businesses to the growing market in China. The 5th Alibaba E-Commerce Expo was successfully held in Sydney from 30-31 August 2019. Over the course of the two-day event, we had the opportunity to not only connect with buyers but also future partners to grow the business. What Sussex has taken on for this event can be broken down into 4 parts:

  1. Booth design
  2. Graphics and collaterals design
  3. Engagement activites
  4. Social media planning and buying


  • Booth design
  • Graphics and collaterals design
  • Engagement activities


  • Mechanism:
    • Step1: Follow Bayer wechat account
    • Step2: Press bottom and start your game. Each person has ONE chance to get one paper in 15 sec
    • Step3: Get your prize based on your paper
  • Prize: notebook, lanyard pen, USB, Berocca sample


  • Mechanism: Set certain time to give away berocca. Each person can have one tablet to drink it with water.
  • Prize: Berocca drink


  • Mechanism
    • Step1 : Follow Bayer wechat account
    • Step2: take photo with bayer customs
    • Step3: Send photo to wechat moments then can get prize.
  • Prize: Product samples (Elevit BF, Canesten, Bepanthen Nappy)


    • Mechanism: Follow Bayer wechat account and visit Bayer booth
    • Prize: Canesten Intimate Was Samples, Laundry Rinse Samples
    • Mechanism: Show invitation screen-shot then can get prize
    • Prize: Elevit Goodie Bag (use elevit shopping bag) : notebook, USB, pen, Elevit notes
  • Social media planning and buying
    • Wechat account:
      • Increased new followers during event period:1,301
      • Total Wechat followers by end of Aug 2019: 2,942
    • Wechat media paid articles x2 : Total 12,233 views
    • Total number of registration of H5 invitation: 130