2019 Bayer Social Media Content Creation

Sussex Australasia has been looking after Bayer's social accounts since 2018. We have cultivated content and managing communities across these 3 social accounts: 1) Bayer Wechat, 2) Bayer Weibo, and 3) Elevit Weibo. 

Overall we have seen an x1.8 times growth across these social accounts and our relationship with both Chinese consumers and Daigous have strengthened. In 2019 we focus this year's social media planning on the following aspects:

And based on the above we have developed the following 5 major content types, which have been the paramount pillars of our social content creation.

  • Social Topics: Put Chinese and Australian social dates as scenario to communicate brand and products.
  • Lifestyle + Products: Introduce products in a lifestyle context which bring brands closer to consumers’ life
  • Product Features: Q&A format or product focused visual to highlight products’ KSP
  • Event Support: Leverage Wechat hub functions to create interactive opportunities during event, ie Lucky draw
  • Channel Support: Cooperate with key Chinese channels to promote brands and products