2017 Air China programmatic campaign

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Air China is a less well-known brand in Australia and faces the challenge in driving conversions from its advertising spend.

Sussex proposed that the brand shift away from its preferred outdoor and print buy and instead focus on a digital communication channel,  through cleverly crafting the campaign strategy and continuously  monitoring and mining the feedback data, we are able to optimize the campaign structure during the 5-month period. Sussex created different marketing layers for this campaign which include:

  • PROSPECTING: Create multiple-creative suites to increase brand and campaign awareness. The prospecting level will also aim to reach as much target audience within the Sydney and Melbourne geo-location.
  • REMARKETING: Remarketing level has the potential of speaking to the users at a more intimate level depending on their activity on the client’s website. Such as 1) Search History (i.e, flight routes) and 2) Different levels of drop-off when completing a booking
  • A suite of Dynamic Creative Ads (DCO)” had also been created to automate creative assets which has the ability to identify the users’ search terms on the Air China website and talk to the users at an intimate level depending on where they drop-off at the website.
  • As a result, Sussex managed to achieve a CPA that was 40% lower than average industry standard.
  • On top of that, the local market is seeing a conversion of 30-50 bookings per day (1,200/month). Despite having the lowest brand recognition, we managed to acquire 25% of the market share (Avg. 300/ month) through our digital media buy.