2017 Bayer Australia For the Love of Family Day Out

As a life science company, Bayer is committed to creating better lives for families around the world. Sussex was proud to assist Bayer Australia to organize a fun family day out, where the families can experience a colourful active playground and what Bayer products have to offer. What sets "2017 Bayer Australia For The Love of Family Day Out" apart from other events is that it is not just a family event. What we have achieved is perfectly integrate media buying, PR and KOL strategy to maximise the overall efficacy of the whole campaign.

Bayer Australia - Family Fun Day and Cocktail Event
  • Communicate that Bayer Australia has a long (and highly trusted) history of providing leading brands associated with a healthy lifestyle in Australia
  • Communicate that Bayer has famous brands that support healthy living at different life-stages
  • Create a highly engaging marketing activation event that will be shared widely on social media platforms in Australia and indirectly to Chinese consumers
  • Drive optimum awareness leading into the Chinese e-commerce singles day (11/11) shopping gala event
  • Instead of a conventional product display, we created experiential brand rooms with interactive activities that allow audience to immerse themselves in fun activities, while experiencing the spirit, essence and benefits of the products (e.g. Elevit room – Feel like a baby sitting in a mother’s womb – Float inside a pink ball pit to the sound of baby’s heartbeat, and projection of baby ultrasound on the wall).
  • Maximising the Australian appeal of the brand – Perfect event location at MCA, directly facing the Opera House & Harbour Bridge which is a great photo backdrop.
  • Petting zoo allowing kids to play and take pictures with koalas.
Bayer Australia - Family Fun Day and Cocktail Event
  1. . Visual design: Visual wise we have completely transformed MCA Foundation Hall – even the Event Manager of MCA has pointed out that she has never seen a set up done in such a large scale and as impactful as ours before! The interior of MAC Foundation Hall was decked out with bespoke design for an immersive experience – allowing the audience to view through the full portfolio of Bayer Australia’s consumer health products, while having fun and creating heaps of photo & social share opportunities.
  1. Strategic planning: When it comes to planning the best possible event, Sussex team understands the value that cutting-edge technology now provides. That’s why we not only connected with our daigou distributors and key influencers digitally to live broadcast the event to millions of our targeted audience in China, at the venue we also set up a WeChat photo printing machine to recruit new followers on Bayer Australia’s WeChat accounts, while giving audience a photo to take home. This is an unprecedented marketing tactic in Australia that used WeChat program to run lucky draws and Q&A sessions on the main screen.
  1. Event ROI: In terms of efficiency & event ROI – Previously we have executed several daigou training workshops in the past. In this event we have replicated this successful formula for the Daigou Networking Session in the afternoon thus guaranteed overall participant satisfaction while saving time, manpower and promotional materials. Overall we were able to create an engaging experience with amazing reach while minimising wastage and being environmentally friendly.
  1. Total impression/ reach: 418,011,176 +

With a reach of 416,221,176 + in just 14 days after the event, brand and product messages were delivered and spread directly to targeted audience in Mainland China through a well planned media mix.

Bayer Australia - Family Fun Day and Cocktail Event