Corporate Summit Event

2019 Bayer Australia Partners Summit

Event Objective

  • Increase engagement amongst VIP Daigou to drive distribution of new products.
  • Refresh Daigou’s knowledge on unique product benefits and selling points of above brands to drive recommendation to consumers in Mainland China.
  • Event Tone and Voice : Empowering, Professional, and Approachable.
  • Target audience: VIP Daigou Partners across Australia.
  • Feature products: Canesten intimate range, pH test kit and Laundry wash, Bepanthen and Berocca.

We divided our event venue into these 4 major sections:

  • Registration area
  • Main stage and guest seating
  • Product showcase rooms
  • Breakout area and media wall

Registration area

Here we have customised magnet name badges for each guest on the branded wall. There was also a glass signature wall on the side for guests to sign on.

Main Stage and Guest Seating

In terms of table setting, we had Australian native flowers in the middle, along with our tailor-made branded cupcakes, cookies, lollipop, as well as Bayer merchandise.

On the main stage, we had Bayer management team throughout the whole event to deliver 2020 Bayer Australia market insights and channel strategies. Product training was also conducted here by Bayer marketing manager and HCP.

Q&A panel discussion was also taken place on the main stage to give Daigous the opportunities to ask questions. Inspired by the new Canesten TVC, professional dancers were invited to re-enact the Canesten dance which became quite a highlight of the event!

Product Showcase Rooms

Four product showcase rooms were created to display different products in lifestyle scenarios. We invited two professional models to play Canesten lady and Bepanthen daddy during Canesten & Bepanthen product trainings to show how Bayer products can help people in their daily lives and educate users on how to use them.

We kept the whole session interactive and fun to encourage engagement with the Daigous.

Event highlights and overall feedback

  • 100% people think this event its helpful. (54.5% people think its very helpful and 45.5% think its helpful) that they are able to gain insights from Bayer management team.
  • Totally 90.9% people willing to attend future Bayer Australia events. (63.6% people definitely will attend and 36.4% have high possibility)
  • People rate 8.6 for their confidence of future business.
  • Daigous responded that product showcase rooms create immersive scenarios for photo and live-streaming opportunities, which is crucial for event sharing and engagement.
  • Interactive games through product training has hugely increased users engagement. Similar role-play can be considered for future events.