Promotion Campaign

China Southern Airlines Student Promotion

From the get go we knew we had very limited budget to work with, but that did not stop us from aiming high. We also knew that we had great offering for these Chinese international students so it’s only a matter of how we can spread the word out to grab their attention. Our process involves 3 parts:

1. Website discovery session

2. Media planning

3. Tracking and optimising

In the beginning we invested many hours in communicating with this client to fine tune the landing page. Reason being we know there are a lot of hoops for these students to jump through in order to receive this offer. Not only they have to upload the bio-page of their passports and their VALID student ID/Visa, they have to wait for their documents to be validated before they can come back to the website to make a booking.

Therefore when we moved on to media planning, we decided to:

1. Tap into Tencent data. This allows us to reach the students across Tencent social network, which is the No. 1 network for Chinese students to stay connected with family and friends at home in China. With AU location targeting, we were able to precisely target these students while layering it with different interests.

2. Partner up with Wechat media Hong Ling Jin (澳洲紅領巾), the leading Wechat media title that has a huge following of student subscribers across Sydney and Melbourne. Not only we collaborated with Hong Ling Jin to produce a Wechat long-form article, chat groups was also created exclusively for students that have any questions for this promotion. This has become a monumental factor of our success because more than 600 students joined our chat groups to find out more how they can claim this offer. With client’s diligent and prompt replies, questions were answered and we have received overwhelmingly positive responses from the students.

To conclude, not only our Tencent banner have achieved a 1.32% CTR, which was way above industry benchmark. With our collaboration with Hong Ling Jin, we were able to illustrate our promotion mechanics in great details which we would not have been able to do on display banners. We have also received overwhelming responses in the chat groups from students making inquiries; it gives us the chance to interact with our audience directly and find out what questions they oftentimes have and what obstacles they have encountered so that we can stay on top of it. All in all this resulted in a total 800+ valid entries by the time our campaign ended that far exceeded our expectation!