B2B Corporate & Community Event

“Lighting UP HOPE”
GSK Australia Partners SUMMIT

lighting up hope

Event Objective

  • Increase emotional and memorable engagement amongst VIP Daigou partners of new products.
  • Refresh Daigou’s knowledge on GSK product benefits and  to build relationship and trust between the consumers in Mainland China.
  • Showcase GSK Full cross broader products portfolio.
  • Target audience: VIP Daigou Partners across Australia.
  • Feature products: Centrum.

We divided our event into these 4 major sections:

  • 1. Guest Registration
  • 2. Welcome and introduction to GSK portfolio
  • 3. Product training
  • 4. Engagement & Prizes giveaway

Guest Registration area


Venue Set up, Main Stage and Guest Seating

Product Showcase & Table Set up

Event highlights